Corroboree 2017

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Corroboree 2017

The Corroboree 2017 is a five day standing camp run by Hunter & Coastal Region for Scouts. It is being held at Lostock Scout Camp on the Paterson River near the Barrington Tops. The camp is based on the patrol system with Troops camping Jamboree style across several sub-camps, with scouts and leaders being fully catered for. The camp uses chlorine treated river water for drinking and food preparation.

Hunter & Coastal Troops are to be formed on a district basis, using Jamboree style dining areas and use patrol tents for scouts. Other Regions are asked to form patrols from home groups, and where possible form Troops based on Districts or Regions, so they can supply their own gear for dining areas and tentage. Patrols can also contact H&C Troops and buddy-up to experience the Corroboree Camp.

Activities will commence on 18th Jan, and will include traditional scouting and commercial activites, as well as a Bivouac overnight hike, where scouts will bring a day pack, small tarp & poles to sleep in their Hutchie.

Venturers are invited to attend Corroboree as helpers on the District base activities. They will camp (in hike tents) & eat at the Venturer sub-camp.

Key Dates for Corroboree 2017:

  • September 2016 Applications Open on-line
  • 31st October Applications & deposit to your Scout Leader
  • 7th November Applications & deposit (by group cheque) to H&C Region Office
  • 6th December Final applications & payment deadline (group cheque) to H&C Region Office
  • 18th January Scouts & Leaders move in for Corroboree
  • 22nd January Corroboree finishes.


  • $200.00 for Scouts, Leaders & Venturers.
  • Ldrs can contact the Organiser for weekend only attendance.
  • 31st Oct – Deposit of $80.00 due with applications to your Scout Leader. Scout Leaders to have all applications with a group cheque to the H&C Region Office by Monday 7th November.
  • 6th Dec – Final Group Cheque payment ($120.00 per/scout) to H&C Region Office

Application Process:

  • All scouts and leaders are required to register on-line via the ‘Patroltent’ Website. Applications will open in September.  It goes without saying that all scouts & leaders must be registered members as recorded on the Scoutlink Data Base, as current members to attend Corroboree.
  • Once Scouts & Leaders register on-line, the application document will need to be printed. The completed application form is to be given to your Scout Leader, then collectively forwarded to the H&C Region Office,  PO Box 191, Wallsend NSW 2287, with a Group Cheque, payable to ‘Scouts Australia’

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Event Organiser:

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For more information contact

Bruce Leverton
Regional Commissioner for Scouts