Joining Scouts


Membership Costs

Scouts having fun

To join the Scout Association there is a one-off joining fee plus a State membership fee that in this region is paid quarterly, which includes personal accident and public liability insurance.

Each Scout Group is responsible for managing its own local costs so it’s best to check with your local group for their own membership and subscription costs.

A shirt and optional belt is all that makes up the basic Scout uniform. These items can be purchased from the Scout Shop or through second hand clothing pools run by many local Scout Groups. Scarves and badges are provided at no cost by the local Scout Group.  Other Scouting apparel e.g. hats, windcheaters, etc. is available for purchase if you wish.


Your local Scout Group will either own or have access to a large range of camping and adventure equipment such as tents, ropes, canoes, and cooking gear. The cost of this equipment is met through local fundraising and your membership subscription.

How to Join

Joining Scouts is easy. There’s more than 590 Scout Groups across New South Wales, so there’s bound to be one near you.

Get started NOW on your Scouting Adventure and phone 1300 858 464.