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Be A Scout

Welcome, and we hope this will be the start of your exciting journey in the incredible worldwide movement that is Scouting. Be a Scout

Have a look below at some of the amazing activities and you can be a part of.

    • Give 1300 858 464 a call
    • Find and drop in to your local Scout Hall
    • Think about your Scouting Journey
    • Have some fun

Remember, just like 50 million others around the world: #BeAScout

Inspired Youth – The Resilience of Scouting

Youth adapting to the ‘New Normal’
  • Exercising more than 100 years of knowledge
  • Creating participation in a COVID-safe environment
  • Assisting others to adjust to a new societal reality
  • Exercise leadership
  • Being Prepared

From local to global with worldwide impact through Scouting

Youth Engagement for Global Action
  • In your local community
  • At a national level
  • Engage internationally

From local to global with worldwide impact through Scouting

Youth Responding to Disaster Relief
  • Assist with risk management and disaster committees
  • Support relief effort
  • Fundraising
  • Equipping youth with relevant and adaptable skills to make a difference
  • Provide relief efforts and first aid





Be Part of Scouting

Worldwide aspect of Scouting Be a part of something that is a worldwide collaboration

Scouting has been prevalent in Australia for over 110 years

There are over 50 million participants internationally!

For girls and boys, youth, adults of all ages:

  • Meet
  • Correspond
  • Travel
  • Volunteer
Be a part of something
Real world training opportunities available Gain nationally recognised qualifications while volunteering.

  • Certificate II & III in Business
  • Certificate IV in Leadership & Business
  • Diploma of Leadership & Management
  • Certificate IV in Coordination of Volunteer Programs
  • Certificate II in Creative Industries
  • Certificate II,III and IV in Outdoor Recreation
  • Diploma of Outdoor Recreation.
Be a part of real world achievements
Gender awareness Help advance gender equality on a world stage.

  • Scouts and the UN working together
  • Increase gender equality and empowerment
  • Actively inspiring young people around the world
  • The leaders of today for tomorrow.
Be a part of advancing gender equality
Community and society Take an active role in your society

  • Community effort
  • Your heritage and ANZAC traditions
  • Work with other volunteer organisations
  • Government and civic work
  • Landcare and the environment
  • Take a leadership role
  • Immerse in other cultures
Be a part of making a difference!
Fun and challenging oneself Having fun and enjoy the challenge

  • Games and challenges
  • Almost anything you can imagine
  • Adventurous activities
  • The outdoors
  • Abseiling, rock climbing, canyoning
  • Music, drama, concerts etc.
Be a part of having fun
Volunteering and doing something to make a difference Join in making a difference

  • Volunteer for helping youth, community and the environment
  • Become involved in your community
  • Develop leadership potential
  • Travel
  • Enjoy personal Growth
Be a part of your society


Be A Scout