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Prepare to become a Scout


Scouts is for boys and girls aged 11–14 years. Here, young people develop more complex outdoor skills in a modern, fun and active environment.

As young people work their way through the Sections on the Scouting journey, they’re gradually given more responsibility for themselves and others. Scouts gives young people the confidence to put their Scouting adventures in their own hands by leading their own expeditions. From overnight hikes and camping expeditions, to getting out on the water in a kayak, canoe or sailboat, or even going up in a plane on a visit to the Air Activity Centre, Scouts plan, do and review activities that are targeted to their own special interests.

These activities often demanding a greater level of risk management, giving young people endless opportunities to practice self-sufficiency. Scouts plan their own activities, including cost and transport arrangements, helping them develop their sense of responsibility, independence and problem-solving skills!

Scouting is youth-led and adult-supported, so life as a Scout is always full of excitement!