Myuna Bay, May 2020

Scouts in Hunter & Coastal Region are invited to attend the Regional Scout Rally to be held at Myuna Bay Scout Camp on the shores of Lake Macquarie on the weekend of 23th & 24th May.

Patrols will compete at the Rally, hiking from RAC to RAC completing activities and tasks over the weekend. Each patrol will bring their own food & tents and camp at the scout camp common, where there will be cooking & camping areas, toilets, & first aid.

Our Leaders will run the Activity RAC’s throughout the forest and the Rally HQ will be located at the scout camp.

The E1 for scouts, Rego forms for your patrol, and other information is on the Region Scoutreach website. Links are below:


Give your E1 & money to your Scout Leader and organise your rally patrol.

If you can’t get enough scouts from your troop to form a patrol, talk to your District Scout Leader to join another local patrol, so you can take part in the Rally OR put your forms in & we will form a patrol for you…

Send your patrol rego form with your E1 attached & Group Cheque to the Region Office at Wallsend before Friday 8th May.

Remember all the info you need is on ’Scoutreach – a letter for PL’s, & gear list for Scouts, is also available at ‘’ (links listed above).

See you all at Rally 2020.

Bruce Leverton
Regional Commissioner Scouts.