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Joey Scouts is the first section of the Scouting Movement and falls in the early formative years of a a childs’ life. Above all the most important aspect of Joeys is having fun. By having fun we engage can engage with the children and develop their skills.

Information and resources for Joey Scouts can be found anywhere and everywhere in the modern age of computers the internet is a powerful resource Facebook provides several great opportunities  and these are listed below;

Joey Scout Resources –

this page connects joey leaders across the country providing great programming ideas and crafts for mobs of all different sizes and skill sets.

Hunter and Coastal Joey Scouts Page –

Helps you keep up to date with what Mobs are doing across the Region feel free to message the page and send photos and great activities that your mob has been doing.

Districts often have there own groups for discussion and event coordination get in contact with your district leader to sort discuss events and other issues arising.  The most important communication will come from your district leader Joey scout leader, occasionally however information with be distrubtued via email directly to the mob Leader from the Regional Commissioner for Joey Scouts. This being said your group leader is your most important contact in the scouting life.

Other important information

Award Scheme 

Joey Scouts have a participation based award scheme, further details can be found here.


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