Joey Programs

These Joey Programs are for Joey Scout Leaders and Parent Helpers to help plan and run Joey Scout meetings.

The above program ideas have been written to support Leaders to programs can be used for specific Joey Scout themes

 Joey Scouts have fun!

Every activity that the Joey Scouts do is designed to enhance their physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social development and is based on the Joey Scout motto and the Scout Law.

These activities are so much fun that the Joey Scouts don’t even know that they are learning!

Activities that a Joey Mob might do include;

Games: Learning about team work, leadership and co-operation while developing gross motor skills.

Outdoor Activities: such as hiking, get the Joey Scouts outdoors and learning skills such as navigation by compass or GPS. Turn that into a pirate treasure hunt and its tailor made for the age group!

Environmental activities: Getting out and learning about our environment and how even the smallest Joey Scout can make a difference. Branch or state run activities such as Murray Darling Rescue can be fun and educational for the whole family.

Camping: Get outdoors into the real world and explore! Spending time with the other Joey Scouts under canvas or in a bunkhouse bonds the whole Mob as well as providing special time with a parent or caregiver.

Acting and presenting: Teaches confidence and creativity and encourages kids to come out of their shell.

Craft activities: making things such as a diorama of a Bilbies habitat not only reinforces the lessons learned about Bilbies and their habitat but encourages creativity and helps to refine fine motor skills.