The Scout Logo




Provision is made for variations in the basic design elements, to allow flexibility, while at the same time ensuring consistency of image. To enable the Association to provide a constant image for Scouting in Australia, a logo has been designed in two integrated elements. The emblem element and the logotype element.

The Emblem Element

The emblem can be produced with three variants:

  • In colour with the emblem featured in green (PMS 342C) with the stars in yellow (PMS 123C).
  • Black emblem with white stars. The black is a solid sharp image. The black is screened to give a shadow image
    (this is usually used as a background on stationery etc.).
  • Reverse treatment with the emblem in white on black background, showing the stars in black.
No other colour combinations should be used as this will detract from the Scouting corporate image that is being established. This element will probably be the most useful when designing badges and layout designs, but again it can only be created in the colour combinations and concept as previously mentioned.

The Logotype Element

The logotype can also be produced in three variations. The words SCOUTS and AUSTRALIA are always to be produced in Goudy font and always in capital lettering.

  • The logotype is in three colours, the word SCOUTS in black, the bar is in green (PMS 342C) with the word AUSTRALIA reversed in yellow (PMS123C) in the bar.
  • The logotype can also be produced in solid black with the word AUSTRALIA reversed in white in the bar. The logotype does not lend itself well to production in a screened for m at as the serif features of the Goudy font will tend to break up.
  • Logotype in reverse is also a variation and tends to give a better result than above in black and white.

 The Elements combined

It must be remembered that each of the elements has been registered as trade marks, therefore they cannot be altered in proportions, shape or content.When using the two elements together, care should be taken that they conform to one another, for example, the logotype is the same width as the emblem. scouts-australiaCMYK
Logo charts are available, which have a coloured grid layout, various colour layouts for stationery purposes, positive and reverse black and white images in various sizes, as well as colour swatches for matching.To obtain a logo chart please contact National HQ –